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One-stop solution for delivering omnichannel customer experiences at scale

No industry has faced the brutal force of digital disruption more than retail. Retailers today have to shift their focus from the products they sell to the experiences they provide. This is possible only with the convergence of physical and digital worlds that offers personalized shopping experiences to the digital-savvy customers.

In today’s digital age customers may start their shopping journey by seeing a social media ad, then checking it out on the retail website and finally purchasing it in-store. But do retailers have the capability to identify this as a single customer with multiple touchpoints?

Only those retailers will win in the digital economy that identifies these vivid customer journeys and provide hyper-personalized shopping experiences, regardless of channel or touchpoint. With Omuni, retailers can now unlock new and emerging customer journeys and deliver seamless customer experiences at scale— with a unified 360-degree view of customers across all touchpoints.

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Feature highlights

Omuni’s extensive retail experience covers these areas of customer journeys. 

What makes omuni really awesome?

Here’s what makes Omuni world’s #1 omnichannel product suite

Arvind Lineage

Products from retail practitioners aware of issues plaguing consumers and retailers forum

Tried & Tested

Powers omnichannel retail experiences over 4500+ stores for 45+ global brand

Faster time to market

Products go live in less than five weeks

Retail enablement

Empowers your workforce with training, change management and implementation strategies


Integrates end-to-end with ERP I POS I WMS I IMS I 3P Marketplaces

Product roadmap

Provides your retail a purpose with enriching customer journeys, new products every quarter and regu


Connects consumers with your brand powering seamless customer journey throughout discovery, ordering


Delivers unified customer experience across all channels with a wide range of Omuni products

What sets us apart?

Here's why Omuni is a preferred partner of choice for global brands




Digital minds


Global brands


Like to like growth

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