Store Fulfillment for Marketplaces

E-commerce order fulfillment strategies for a profitable marketplace retail


Did you know 93% online consumers have shopped on a marketplace?


As a result of marked shifts in consumer behavior during the pandemic, digitization has accelerated at a faster pace: 40% of consumers are buying more online than they had previously done. In fact, marketplaces contribute more than 50% of the global online retail market.

But with traditional marketplace selling, comes various challenges like scattered journeys or spending a lot on logistics. Discover newer and effective ways to engage and compete in this ecosystem. Check out our latest release, “Store Fulfillment for Marketplace,” sharing insights on E-commerce order fulfillment strategies for profitable marketplace retail.

Continue reading to find answers for:

  • Challenges retailers face by selling via traditional marketplace model
  • Omunichannel marketplace model vs traditional model
  • Ways to save big and sell more on marketplaces
  • The newer role of stores in fulfilling an order via marketplace


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