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51% of consumers have downloaded at least one new app to purchase food since COVID-19

After weeks of quarantine and physical distancing, observations from China and other countries where the pandemic seemed to be under control suggest that consumer demand won’t immediately rebound as restrictions ease. However, restaurants that plan ahead to adapt and refine their restaurant model for the “new normal” will be better positioned to bring sales back to pre-crisis levels.

With omuni’s automated restaurant commerce, you can build better customer experience, enhance operational efficiency, remove dependency from third-party platforms, and help re-own your customer communication channel—all while adhering to the COVID-19 related safety measures. 

Why omuni’s automated restaurant commerce?

  • Sell directly via WhatsApp - Encourages customer loyalty with 1-on-1 communications, menu availability, and easy payments.
  • Own your customer data - Collect and segment your customer’s data with advanced analytics—which can aid in marketing, customer likes and dislikes, and hyper-personalization.
  • Eliminate commission fees - Eliminates the need for paying 25%-30% commission fees on delivery aggregators and other third-party providers 
  • Safe & secure payment system - Easy, quick, and secure payment options
  • Omnichannel operations - Improves efficiency and enables 100% contactless services, all while also accurately forecasting consumer demand.

Schedule a demo now or download the whitepaper and learn how your restaurant can thrive in the new normal. 

Essential elements of omuni’s automated restaurant commerce

Whatsapp commerce

Allows your brand to have quick 1-on-1 interaction with customers and shop through ‘WhatsApp for Business’.

Contactless commerce

Enables you to convert your stores into experience centers with self-checkout, contactless menu, and contactless delivery.

Loyalty programs

Helps you own your customers and drive lifetime value of your customers with an omnichannel loyalty program.

Advanced analytics

Omuni’s advanced analytics provides you with valuable insights into the past and helps guide your business forward for the future.

Unified customer data platform

Helps you own your customers by gaining a deeper understanding of each and every customer and prospects across multiple touchpoints.

A playbook on Automated Restaurant Commerce

Download omuni’s latest whitepaper—Guide to Automated Restaurant Commerce—learn how omnichannel can rebuild restaurants.

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