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“The Future Depends on What You Do Today”

Welcome to Omuni (Arvind Internet), a young, dynamic, and vibrant organization. 

At Omuni, we take on big challenges, sharpen our skill set, and broaden our horizons. We learn from our experiences and keep mastering our craft.

We are committed to going above and beyond to assist our customers, empowering them to rethink retail.

We embrace ARISE.

A - Adoption: Every brand/retailer should use our platform
R - Relevance: Over-deliver on customer relevance and satisfaction
I - Innovation: Build new products and forge new partnerships to help our brand/retail partners
S - Scale: Continuous process improvements to continuously keep pace with our growth
E - Empowerment: Own the destiny - internal and external

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What our team members have to say

Deepa Shukla

“Omuni (Arvind Internet) is surely where your talents are nurtured and your wins are celebrated. Explore new retail challenges, experience disruptive omnichannel revolution, create award-winning customer journeys, and elevate your capabilities.”


Deepa Shukla
Head of HR and People Success

Santosh Patali

“Thanks to its open and agile culture, Omuni encourages us to express our views, help shape the organisation, contribute to the strategy, and also enjoy the privilege to switch roles. At Omuni, we are always heard and seen.”



Santosh Patali

Director - Tech sales,

Solution Design and Architecture

Harish BS

“Adaptability is Omuni’s superpower! Irrespective of the challenges that come our way, everyone is skilled at adapting to the situation. Our aim is simple and clear - Think & Act in the best interest of the customer.”



Harish BS

Head of CRM

Nivedan K B

“Omuni encourages us to develop our skillsets on a holistic level. It truly is a great place for career growth!”


Nivedan K B

Yojitha Kolli

“For a Fresher, learning with a hands-on approach is the best ticket to becoming a pro. And Omuni is a powerhouse of such opportunities and upskilling avenues.”


Yojitha kolli

SE 1