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What would it be like to build new smarter and delightful consumer journeys that help global organizations rethink retail? What would it be like to work for an organization where products are wired with innovation? Where data is a living entity. Where your wins are celebrated, your ideas are turned into realities. Where technology amplifies human imagination.

Welcome to Arvind Internet, a young, dynamic and vibrant organization. The average age in the organization is 28 years! Everything that we do at Arvind Internet, we do with passion-for our customers, our communities and our peers. We call ourselves AI'LIENS-for we explore uncharted territories with the power of omnichannel. We drive the commitment to do whatever it takes to help our customers #rethinkretail. 

We embrace a well-established set of values. Indeed we embrace ARISE,
A - Adoption: Every brand/retailer should use our platform
R - Relevance: Over-deliver on customer relevance and satisfaction
I - Innovation: Build new products and forge new partnerships to help our brand/retail partners
S - Scale: Continuous process improvements to continuously keep pace with our growth
E - Empowerment: AI'LIENS own their destiny - internal and external 

Latest Jobs

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Support Engineer III

  • Support Engineer III


    Role : Support Engineer III
    Relevant Experience: 4+ years
    Urgency: Immediate 

    About the role :

    • Advanced working Knowledge of linux.
    • Advanced working Skills on Any Programming languages ,SQL Queries. 
    • To be self-driven, end-to-end ownership, entrepreneurial approach; focus on operational excellence; ability to work with ambiguity. 
    • Partner with Engineering & Product to prioritize issues and product improvement. 
    • Team Management: Building and managing a team and managing performance through on-the job coaching and mentoring. 
    • Monitor and review your team's metrics to improve functional and operational efficiency. 
    • To be able to provide hands on support whenever required. 
    • A proven team lead and individual contributor with strong analytical skills. 
    • A creative problem-solver, capable of making decisions. 
    • Experience working with SaaS companies. 
    • Good Communication Proficiency in (English). 
    • Adaptive to learn new technologies. 
    • Provide status updates and relay business escalations. 
    • Helps define production support processes and ensures that teams are following documented processes to resolve issues. 
    • Manage the backlog and ensure that Support SLAs are met .Monitor ticketing system follow up and ensuring that tickets ,Team members are being followed up on, completed and closed.


    Ideal candidate :

    • Self-motivated, ability to do multitasking efficiently. 
    • Strong technical knowledge about the relational database,any scripting language, networking, UNIX platform,API and Microservices. 
    • Good knowledge of SQL, NoSQL, UNIX, relational databases. 
    • Team Management Skills. 
    • Have Good verbal and Written communication skills. 
    • Troubleshooting ability. 
    • Have Good Analytical skills. 
    • A Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and with 6 + years of experience in technical customer support. 
    • Experience in supporting an eCommerce domain.


SDE II - BackEnd

  • SDE II - BackEnd


    Role : SDE II Backend
    Relevant Experience: 3-7 years
    Urgency: Immediate 

    You will be responsible for :

    • You will be building distributed, fault-tolerant, highly scalable distributed systems.
    • Rapidly prototype and incubate new features and solutions.
    • Develop solutions to scale the real-time processing of massive amounts of data.
    • Work closely with other development teams to build and prototype solutions cutting across multiple verticals.
    • Maintain and improve code base on continuous basis


    Ideal candidate :

    • 3+ years of experience creating highly scalable, high performance distributed applications
    • Experience working in agile team/ processes.
    • Apply best coding practices , code reviews, source control management, build processes and unit testing
    • Experience building complex software systems that have been successfully delivered to customers.
    • Experience with scalable, API based agent or service oriented software architecture
    • Must be able to write high quality, fault-tolerant and optimized code in Java.
    • Excellent understanding of Algorithms, wise usage of Data Structures, complexity analysis
    • Ability to collaborate; be able to communicate clearly and concisely
    • Desire for continuous improvement, always be learning and seeking improvement.
    • In-depth understanding of collections, Multithreading, JVM Memory model, Optimizations and fine tuning of JVM
    • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills especially in a distributed and microservice based environment.
    • Experience in distributed systems components - databases, caches, distributed, debugging and tracing, deployment.


DevOps - II

  • DevOps - II


    Role : DevOps II
    Relevant Experience: 3+ years
    Urgency: Immediate 

    We seek a talented DevOps/Release Engineer to join a strong technology team responsible for the implementation and support of high volume, high-performance client-facing applications.At Omuni we are committed to building systems that utilize the latest in distributed and cloud computing technologies in order to build a flexible and scalable platform capable of supporting multiple business offerings. For our DevOps and IT infrastructure this means a system with built-in redundancy and high data throughput. Our DevOps engineers play a critical role in the success of our product as we focus to shorten the process of development to delivery. Initiatives you work on may include streamlining identity and access management, standing up a new environment, evaluating tools, or expanding into new clouds

    You will be responsible for :

    • Support and enhance our systems monitoring, logging, and reporting
    • Work in an Agile environment to continuously deliver improvements and new capabilities.
    • Build, scale, deploy, secure application and cloud infrastructure using various tools.
    • Build and maintain robust CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins.
    • Automate configuration management with tools like Ansible, Rundeck.
    • Work closely with developers to provide insight into operational, security, and performance considerations.
    • Participate in an on-call rotation to triage and analyze abnormalities in the system. operation leveraging instrumentation like APM and ELK.
    • Perseverance to debug complex problems across the whole stack.
    • Create tooling that works across operating systems and cloud providers.
    • You will use DevOps scripting and tools for automation.
    • Design HA, DR architectures on cloud platforms (AWS).
    • Orchestrate microservices workload on kubernetes.
    • Manage windows/linux operating systems


    Ideal candidate :

    • Candidate with working experience in a DevOps role for a minimum of 3 years.
    • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
    • Must Have Experience in the cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP) Deep understanding of technologies and architecture in a highly scalable and highly available set-up.
    • Experience in deploying and managing complex software systems that have been successfully delivered to customers.
    • Experience in monitoring, analytics tool/applications, such as Elastic stack, Grafana, Prometheus, Sensu, APM.
    • Experience in Microservice architecture and containerization technologies.
    • Experience in cloud orchestration tools like Kubernetes, Ansible, Rundeck.
    • Experience in networking technologies like routing, switching, IP addressing, DNS, Load balancers, etc.
    • Experience in SQL , NoSQL, and Database Management tools (Mongo, MySQL).


Support Engineer - II

  • Support Engineer - II


    Role : Support Engineer - II
    Relevant Experience: 2+ years
    Urgency: Immediate 


    You will be responsible for :

    • Ability to read, understand and communicate complex technical information.
    • Ability to express ideas in an organized, articulate and concise manner.
    • Gathering information and also do research and able to perform scope analysis.
    • Efficiently do multi-tasking where the job holder will have to handle multiple customer requests from various sources.
    • Technical hands-on troubleshooting, including parsing logs and following stack traces.
    • Work cross-functionally with both client-facing and engineering teams.
    • Stay up to date with internal processes and tools.
    • Perform production support activities that involve the assignment of issues and issue analysis and resolution within the specified SLAs.
    • Provide daily support with a resolution of escalated tickets and technical leads to ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner.
    • Suggest fixes to complex issues by doing a thorough analysis of the root cause and impact of the defect.
    • Coordinate with Application Development Team to resolve issues on production.
    • Identifying and documenting technical problems, ensuring timely resolution.
    • Responding to emails and incident tickets, maintaining issue ownership.
    • Prioritize workload, providing timely and accurate resolutions.


    Ideal candidate :

    • Self-motivated, ability to do multitasking efficiently.
    • Communication skills backed up with strong technical knowledge about the relational database, any scripting language, networking, UNIX platform.
    • Ability to troubleshoot issues Good knowledge of SQL, NoSQL, UNIX, relational databases.
    • A Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and with a minimum of 3 years of experience in technical customer support
    • Experience in supporting an eCommerce domain.


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