Turn your stores into experience centers with omuni’s contactless commerce

Self-checkout | Contactless catalogs | Contactless delivery.

8 in 10 consumers say they are using contactless methods due to safety and cleanliness concerns.

If there is a silver lining to the pandemic, it is that it has made “contactless” an essential new element of the everyday retailing vernacular. Omuni’s contactless stores offer smarter contactless commerce solutions that alter the formula for customer experience in-store, in the new normal—the goal is to allow your customers the ability to get in and out of a store as quickly and safely as possible—a new form of on-demand customer experience. 

Why omuni contactless commerce?

  • Smarter shopping solutions - Complete buying journey from inventory management to asset tracking and smart checkout minimum human intervention through self-checkout, WhatsApp commerce, mini website, QR codes, etc
  • End-to-end customer journey - Virtually connect all human touch points across end-to-end customer journey from product selection to delivery at the doorstep or in-store. 
  • Contactless payments - Payments ways are easy and quick yet secure in different forms including online and UPI gateways.
  • WhatsApp commerce - Allows your brand to have quick 1-on-1 interaction with customers and shop through ‘WhatsApp for Business’ 

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Essential features of omuni contactless commerce

Self-checkout via mobile app

Enables a smooth payment system. This functionality allows your customers to make a hassle-free checkout using omuni mobile app.

Contactless catalog

Customer scans a QR code on his / her mobile, they see the catalog and place the order via the mobile.

Contactless delivery

Deliver products across 27000 pin codes via safe delivery operationsー minimizing personal contact between customers and the delivery person along with track real-time order status.

Store fulfillment

Unleash the power of omnichannel to streamline your in-store inventory and turn your stores into active fulfillment centers. No limit on the number of stores and warehouses.

Sell wherever your customers are through omuni’s multiple storefronts

Manage your chain of online stores from a single admin center for better and faster conversions.

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