Sell directly to your customers on WhatsApp

Learn how to open your storefront on WhatsApp in just few weeks, not months.

WhatsApp has 2 billion users. Each user spends 195 minutes every single week. 

Connect with millions of customers on WhatsApp with your verified WhatsApp Business Account. Whether to engage in a conversation, send a notification or create a seamless shopping journey, WhatsApp has become a powerful conversational tool, to engage, acquire and retain your customers.

    Why WhatsApp for business account?

    • Rich content - Send real-time notifications, QR codes, purchase updates, and interact with your customers using rich media content
    • 24/7 availability - Connect, converse and convert your customers round the clock with automated quick replies and bot journeys. No wait time
    • Zero coding - No coding or additional infrastructure required
    • Secure - All messages sent through WhatsApp are highly secured and encrypted 
    • Custom journey - Fully automated and tailored shopping journeys unique for every category

    Three easy steps and done!

    1. Set up WhatsApp business account
    2. Set up omnichannel ecosystem. (inventory, catalog, tax master, fulfillment centers etc.)
    3. Set up bot ordering messages and flow

    Feature highlights

    Connect, converse and convert customers, anytime, with omuni's WhatsApp for business solution.

    O2O (Online-offline-online)

    Allow users to browse and navigate through the product catalog with rich media content through a centralized product catalog system.

    Real-time Inventory

    Omuni's inventory management system integrates with your inventory pool to provide a near real-time inventory exposure. It is a very important aspect when you take orders online.

    Simplified logistics

    We empower you to convert your stores into omnichannel distribution hubs. Doing a distribution fulfillment model will decrease logistics costs and improve customer satisfaction.

    Integrated order management system

    The system automatically allocates the order to the most appropriate fulfillment center and allows for invoice-pick-pack-ship. It allows the customer to process the payment and complete the transaction on the chat window.

    Store fulfillment

    Unleash the power of omnichannel and plug in store inventory to double them up as fulfillment centers. No limit on the number of stores and warehouses.

    Delivery and tracking

    Deliver goods to 27000 pin codes and track real time order status on WhatsApp chat window. No extra integration required.

    Faster time-to-market

    Set up and start engaging with your customers within weeks and not months.


    Customers can now interact with businesses in their native language.

    Know your customer

    Get a 360° view of customer preferences. Monitor & own customers data. Alter your strategy based on the business intelligence you get.

    Omuni has launched its fully integrated omnichannel solution for WhatsApp Business. Schedule a demo with us now and make your move to a new eCommerce selling.

    Turn your store into an omnichannel hub with omuni store 2.0

    Learn how to transform your store into a mini omnichannel fulfillment center within just few weeks.

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