Sync your store inventory to 3P marketplaces with omuni marketplace 2.0

Unified inventory I In-store fulfillment I Unified OMS I Near real-time inventory.

Online marketplaces saw a surge of 79% for retail even during the pandemic. 

Sync your store inventory and sell products online seamlessly to your potential customers on marketplaces such as Amazon, Paytm and Myntra. Our omnichannel eCommerce marketplace solution helps to make your online selling business seamless by unifying your inventory and logistics across stores and warehouse networks. 

Why omuni marketplace 2.0?

  • Faster go-to-market - With no need for templates, hosting, PCI compliance, platform maintenance, and technical knowledge, sellers can be up and running in just a few days.
  • Broader demographic - It’s important that customers find information like price comparison, brand comparison, customer reviews, inventory levels, and more—before making a purchase decision
  • Engage with new customers - Each channel has its own unique audience and can help you reach global shoppers. It can serve niche markets where audiences are looking for specific products.

With omuni marketplace 2.0, you can allow marketplace orders to be fulfilled online, as well as from stores with controllable hopping logic and a unified inventory pool across marketplaces and brand stores (online and offline). Retailers get to see demands and the number of orders coming in from a multitude of marketplaces as well as from their own brand channel on one dashboard, in real-time. Schedule a demo today and go live within just few weeks, not months. 

Essential elements of omuni’s marketplace 2.0

Omuni’s marketplace 2.0 allows for syncing your existing inventory, order management, process returns/reverse—all from one unified platform.

Unified inventory

Retailers and brands can enable efficient inventory utilization for marketplaces to get the latest inventory assortment and expose it across channels, platforms, and marketplaces rather than having a dedicated inventory.

Store fulfillment

Enable functionality that allows a retailer to list their product across marketplaces and enable store fulfillment with the flexibility to turn product availability off and on, whenever required.

Unified OMS

Single order journey across platforms that helps avoid miscommunication between multiple marketplaces. One interface for all order fulfillment and tracking of cross-channel orders.

Near real-time inventory

Seamless flow of demand and supply due to on the spot identification of orders.

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