Unified 3P marketplace selling to manage orders, and process returns

Convenience, assortment, and availability are the new elements defining customer experience. Consumers are very choosy towards brands or channels, and explore all possible options to transact on a channel where they can get the best deal in the fastest time frame. And that’s what marketplaces offer.

Omuni’s marketplace solution, Omuni.xyz enables you to connect third-party marketplaces to stores. This creates endless possibilities for the brands/retailers and enables them to deliver world-class journeys for their evolving customers.

Syncing existing inventory, order management, process

returns/reverse—all from one unified platform

End to End

Easy integrations

Integrate your retail business with third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc, and drive sales from one single integrated platform.

  • Fulfill orders for different marketplaces via a single window
  • Sell same products at different marketplaces
  • Experience agility and flexibility in business operations
End to End

In-store fulfillment

Fulfill an order from anywhere- no matter its origin and offer your customers a superior shopping experience. Sell more, save more.

  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Deliver faster
  • Reduce the rate of returns/cancellations
  • Optimize lean walk-in periods
End to End

Unified & intelligent OMS

Various marketplaces are managed based on optimized sourcing logic and facilitate a single order journey to avoid miscommunication between multiple marketplaces.

  • Real-time inventory display - Automated syncing
  • List all your stores as an inventory
  • Order allocated to nearest stores
  • Order hopping - no order drops
  • Turn on or off products on any marketplace effortlessly
  • Expand the number of marketplaces to sell on - increased visibility 
  • Receive orders, fulfill, and track - for all marketplaces via a single interface
End to End

Wider and fresher product assortment

Retailers and brands can enable efficient inventory utilization for marketplaces to get the latest & widest inventory assortment and expose it across channels, platforms, and marketplaces rather than having a dedicated inventory.

  • Incremental order flow & better inventory sell-through 
  • Offer your customers what they want, when they want
  • Strengthen your brand identity

Our thought process

“To remain competitive in the new world, brands should meet consumers where and how they shop and develop a sustainable marketplace strategy as part of a broader omnichannel strategy.”

Mukul Bafana 
CEO, Omuni (Arvind Internet)

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