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Endless aisle | Save-the-sale | Unified OMS & IMS | CDP | Real-time inventory visibility

According to a Harvard Business Review, 73% of shoppers used multiple storefronts during their shopping journey—they’re avid users of in-store digital tools such as an interactive catalog, price-check, and comparisons.

Reach your customers wherever they are, and through whatever platform or channel with additional storefronts. The main benefit of omuni’s multiple storefront solution—manage all your stores from a single administration center with full control over each individual store—especially since your customer base and the catalog of these storefronts may not be related to each other.

Why omuni’s multiple storefronts?

  • Personalized WhatsApp commerce - Sell directly to millions of WhatsApp users and create end-to-end journeys with a verified WhatsApp Business Account. Whether for engagement, or to create a shopping journey, WhatsApp is now a powerful conversational tool.
  • Multiple 3rd party marketplace - Instantly connect your store inventory with multiple 3rd party marketplaces such as Myntra, Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.
  • D2C website & mobile app - Brand-specific digital storefront with a unified brand interface in language, design, rich content, and more
  • Offline/Brick & mortar stores - Connect your offline stores with a unified database and craft unique experiences for your in-store customers
  • Normal & conversational kiosks - Digital kiosks in the new normal are increasingly becoming a necessity for in-store order fulfillment

With omuni’s multiple storefronts, all stores have a common database that can be updated individually or all at once. Your customers can shop on different online stores, but all the information is collected and represented on a single unified back-end system (unified inventory, OMS powering logistics, CRM, etc.)

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Essential elements of omuni’s multiple storefronts

With omuni multiple storefronts, turn all your stores into an omnichannel fulfillment hub in just weeks.

Endless aisle and save-the-sale capabilities

Provide customers with the virtual experience of browsing through “out-of-stock” products without the need for stores to stock up on inventory. With tablet/digital-enabled assisted selling, enable “shop this store” or “shop all store".

One unified OMS & IMS

Enable a single view of inventory by connecting networks across all stores and warehouses with our unified order management system (OMS) and inventory management system (IMS).

Online-offline-online journeys

Marrying offline strengths with digital advantages can result in significant sales impact, higher conversion rate, and reduction of idle inventory. Digital touchpoints are the initial consideration phase of the consumer decision journey.

Unified customer data platform

Gain an edge over your competitors and own your customers by gaining a deeper understanding of each and every customer and prospects across multiple touchpoints.

Move surplus inventory faster

With multiple storefronts, retailers can face the challenges of pushing out idle seasonal collections to compensate for lower demand.

Multi-channel buying experiences

Customers are moving seamlessly between multiple online and offline experiences—in-store research, online viewing of products, multi-choices for delivery/pick-up, and a seamless payment structure.

Real-time inventory visibility

The sooner a retailer’s unified inventory platform makes all products visible to customers and store associates, the higher are the chances of conversions.

Improved scalability

Scale your store accordingly with options to add more products, more payment options, and grow without changing locations or investing in expanding brick and mortar stores.

Turn your stores into experience centers with omuni’s contactless commerce

Self-checkout | Contactless catalogs | Contactless delivery.

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