Turn interactions into exceptional journeys and increase customer’s LTV

Nearly, 53% of shoppers are more likely to shop at an online store that they can engage with via messaging or social apps. 

With the on-demand convenience of mobile phones, customers now have zero tolerance for broken or lagged journeys. They need to be able to find you in the most effortless and fastest way possible. 

Omuni.cloud adds a digital storefront to your brand network to help you sell directly to your customer. This results in easy discoverability and greater reach. It enables end-to-end customer journeys right from product discovery to purchase, and post-purchase phase and offers a simple yet flexible framework that delivers unique buying experiences - conveniently and seamlessly.

Turn every conversation into conversion and build strong
brand-customer relationship

End to End

Communicate via preferred channels

  • Jump into the conversational age & reach beyond what’s expected
  • Offer a true omnichannel experience via unconventional yet preferred customer channels including-WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others
End to End

Frictionless buying experience

  • Seamlessly purchase with assisted product listing, advanced sorting logic, add to cart, edit cart, and checkout options
  • Facilitates order history & tracking
  • Finds a nearby store
  • Connects to live agents for assistance
End to End

Delight with personalization

  • Own your customer - a 360° view of the customer
  • Captures and monitors complete customer data (name, mobile number, delivery address, buying choice, and preferences)
End to End

Complete the journey in same window/interface

  • Discover favorite products anytime, anywhere, and on the go
  • Supported by prepaid and COD payment options
  • Enables faster deliveries - orders are allocated to the nearest store

Our thought process

“The future of brands lies within consumer interaction points. And the brands that deliver thoughtfully crafted shopping journeys for the faceless interface will be the ones that WIN the battleground.

So, it’s time to leverage the power of channels like WhatsApp for deeper, profitable customer engagement.”

Mukul Bafana 
CEO, Omuni (Arvind Internet)

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