Make your stores the ‘Temple of Brand’

It’s a compulsion that retailers should connect retail stores to the online value chain into one platform to power a frictionless experience for their customers.

This seamless online-offline integration demands extensive knowledge and a hands-on experience which we at Omuni carry. Being a unified platform, provides complete real-time inventory visibility across stores/warehouse networks and facilitates in-store ordering for out-of-stock products- defragments your inventory into one unified system and gives you the power to fulfill an order, track handovers, and process returns/reverse, all from one single platform. 

It also shows a digital catalog, similar products, and what’s new at your store. The platform is integrated with the leading payment gateways, hence allowing your customers to self-checkout and make payments in a quick and easy manner.

One interface for all your store things

End to End

Save the sale/Endless aisle

Pooled inventory visibility across the stores and warehouses with a tablet/digital-enabled assisted selling interface. 

  • Increase customer conversion
  • Solve broken customer journeys
  • Eliminate the need for inventory stock up
End to End

Improve store productivity

A complete omnification platform to empower your sales staff to acquire new customers and elevate the store experience.

  • Lookbooks
  • Create looks (product combos)
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Boost incremental sales
End to End

Unified inventory

Enable real-time visibility across multiple stores and fulfillment points - improve brand’s ability to process orders efficiently while increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing cash flow.

  • Single window view
  • Power multiple journeys
  • Reduce the chances of products/orders getting missed
End to End

Digital order fulfillment

Fulfill an order from anywhere- no matter its origin and offer your customers a superior shopping experience - letting you sell more, save more.

  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Deliver faster
  • Reduce returns and cancellations rate
End to End

Contactless checkout

Allows customers to checkout easily and make payments directly through the omuni platform. All you need to do is scan the product tag, let your customers self-checkout, and be done!

  • Queue buster: billing counter in your hand
  • Contactless checkout: Pay by link, no contact with store infrastructure for checkout
  • All payment options support using UPI’s, wallets, etc
End to End

Clienteling app

Gain a 360-degree view of customers taste and preferences via - 

  • Diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analysis.
  • Offer personalized experiences

Our thought process

“To qualify as truly omnichannel, a retail ecosystem must be well-connected with capabilities that provide a seamless experience for customers no matter which channel they use or which channel they might switch to throughout their journey.”

Mukul Bafana 
CEO, Omuni (Arvind Internet)

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