How omnichannel prevented 4% customers from getting lapsed

Learn how omuni powered bounce-back campaigns and prevented 4% customers from getting lapsed.

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The overview 
The brand started its journey 5 years ago and quickly picked up the pace as a fast-growing casual wear apparel brand for men, women, and kids having more than 50+ stores pan India.

The challenges 
For any brand, acquiring new customers and retaining them is a crucial factor. As a relatively new brand in the apparel domain, the major concern for the brand was to build a strong customer base. This could be done through new customer acquisitions and existing customer retention. Since the product line is varied, it would still need some time to identify the lapsation behavior of the customers.
Hence, the brand wanted to tap into the new customer base who have tried the brand six months back and are on the verge of lapsing out.

Our approach
The brand collaborated with omuni, who identified the behavior of customers from their enrollment visit to repeat visits. We carefully analyzed the brand’s data and found that after making their first purchase, customers would make another visit in six months before lapsing. Taking this data into account, the team carefully outlined a strategy and executed a campaign activity that ran for three months.

Leveraging the personalization capabilities of our cross-channel campaign management solution, omuni.campaign, we were able to send a customized offer every weekend to all one-time customers. These customers were targeted with a “Buy 1 Get 1” offer on t-shirts.  After 2 weeks, follow-up communication was sent through SMS and email channels to every targeted customer with a validity of one month from the sent date. Post this campaign, personalized offers were sent using a unique coupon code for each customer. As a result, customers who were on the verge of lapsing out purchased t-shirts in repeat sales.

Feature highlights

The following crucial features helped the brand to successfully prevent 4% customers from getting lapsed every month.

Campaign management

Omuni’s cross channel campaign management made it easy for the brand to get all the channels in-sync—with a single, and easy-to-use interface. This generated a revenue of 18% in sales.

AI-powered analytics

Leveraging omuni’s advanced analytical capabilities, we were able to identify customers with less than 3 visits. This helped us understand our customers better and target them with personalized offers and coupons.

By sending out hyper-personalized offers, the brand was able to generate a revenue of 18% in sales

Identified: The journey of customers who were on the brink of getting lapse.
Developed: Omnichannel campaign with hyper-personalized offers.
Integrated: Omuni.campaign
Enabled: Brand to mitigate lapser growth rate down to 0%. 

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