Omnichannel elevates 15% overall sales for a beauty and wellness brand

Learn how omuni helped regain lapsed customers and increase total sales.

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The overview
Started in 1997, the brand is the most trusted destination for beauty and wellness. With a footprint of 14 outlets & 7 clinics across the country with a wide range of service lines encompassing spa, salon, skincare & clinics.

The challenge
A majority of sales for the brand were driven by membership plans.With only 23% members contributing to 48% of total sales, this represented an untapped opportunity for the brand and needed ways to re-engage with lapsed customers while acquiring new ones.

To woo back lapsed customers, the brand needed a dynamic omnichannel customer experience strategy through which they would send effective and hyper-personalized communications to customers.

Our approach
With, we were able to segment customers based on their visits - recency and frequency. The customers were then divided into 19 different segments, through which, customized messages such as the perks of their membership, attractive new offers that match their behavior, additional recommendations, and more were sent to each customer as per their category.

Campaigns were rolled out with hyper-personalized offers. As a result, 12% of the members renewed their membership and contributed to 12.4% of the total sales incurred during the campaign period. Also, 2% of the non-members were converted to members and contributed to 3% of the total sales. Thereby contributing to total sales of 15%.

Feature highlights

The following features enabled the successful completion of the project:

Customer segmentation

With more comprehensive customer data and fine-tuned persona details, the brand segmented customers based on their shopping behavior. As a result, they were able to create effective dynamic offers.


By using customer data hyper-personalized promotions, offers, and campaigns were tailored. This resulted in a massive increase in sales, which in turn elevated customer satisfaction and maximized brand loyalty.

Omnichannel campaign contributed 15% of the total sales 

Identified: Fragmented customer data
Developed: A robust omnichannel data strategy 
Enabled: To deliver hyper-personalized campaigns


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