Blackberrys maximizes its revenue with omnichannel

Learn how Blackberrys partnered with omuni to prevent loss of sale

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The overview 
Blackberrys is an Indian formal wear brand, owned by Mohan Clothing Co. Pvt Ltd. The company operates with 100 franchise stores and 180 company-owned showrooms across India. From classic suits, formal shirts and trousers to jackets, khakis, and denim, Blackberrys provides the Indian man with the best and latest style solutions. 

The challenges 
Innovation in fashion is not just about design. Today, customers expect shopping experience from their retailers - at a speed that they choose, a location that they prefer, and a time that they want to shop. In this changing retail landscape, Blackberrys was looking for a robust unified connection/strategy that would engage shoppers both online and offline and overcome their huge loss of sales at the store level. This is when they joined hands with omuni to deliver an omnichannel experience to their customers. 

Our approach
Working together, we set the vision for what a unified customer experience should be. And then we brought it to life, with our omnichannel platform, Omuni defragments Blackberrys’ inventory and enables its customers to access real-time inventory visibility across stores/warehouse networks.  

With real-time inventory visibility, Blackberrys’ store staff can now instantly unlock a complete range of its products to its customers. By empowering store executives through technology, Blackberrys has raised the bar on consumer engagement, and in so doing, added a never miss a sale capability. Today the brand can fulfill orders, track handovers, and process returns/reverse, all from one single platform, exclusively with 

Feature highlights

The following crucial features enabled the successful completion of the entire process:


Blackberrys’ customers can now get pooled inventory visibility across store & warehouse network with tablet/digital-enabled assisted selling interface and lookbooks of

Endless aisle

With endless aisles, Blackberrys can now present the complete range of products to its customers without the need to stocking up their inventory at the store level.

Click & collect

Using omuni’s, click and collect feature, Blackberrys’ customers can either have their favorite products delivered to their home, or come back later to pick them from the preferred store of their choice.

With the integration of, Blackberrys’ offline business has seen an overall increase in revenue by 2%. 

Identified: Fragmented inventory across sites, stores, and warehouse networks. 
Developed: An omnichannel strategy to prevent loss of sales 
Enabled: Blackberrys' customers to get hold of a single view of inventory from across all Blackberrys stores. 

What is our thought process?

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