How omuni helped a fashion brand increase incremental sales from 3% to 7%

Learn how omnichannel strategies helped increase incremental sales

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The overview
The brand represents the most loved ethnic fashion brand in the Indian apparel market. The brand has been embellishing and dressing demure maidens from every edge of India since 2005 and has grown to over 150+ exclusive brand outlets across the country.

The challenge
Several notable studies claim that it is easier to bring back a repeat customer than actually acquiring new ones. But, the challenge that the brand faced here was how to communicate effectively via offline marketing and improve the campaign incremental sales by segmented communication and target objective.

Our approach

We realized that the brand’s true competitive advantage lies in creating an engaging customer experience—one that is fast, easy, and personal. By implementing advanced intelligent analytics, The brand can make better use of their customer and user experiences, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty in the long term., our AI-driven advanced omnichannel analytics, provided the brand with unified data across all channels, categories, locations, and segmentations. This helped the brand analyze their customer engagement which helped in measuring customer responsiveness and associated repeat tendencies. Additionally, this also enabled us to effectively optimize and improve campaign performance for the brand under various customer segments.

Feature highlights

The following crucial features enabled the successful completion of the entire process:

Customer insights across channels

Omuni's advanced cross channel intelligence actively monitored customer behavioral patterns such as their past shopping history, purchase behavior, social interaction, etc.

Hyper-personalized offers

Hyper-personalization capabilities leveraged valuable data across all customer channels to create tailored offers based on individual consumer preferences.

The brand was able to increase its incremental sales from 3% to 7% in just three months

Identified: Customer engagement activities across segments
Developed: mnichannel strategy to engage multiple customer segments based on their purchase behaviour 
Enabled: 1:1 hyper personalized communication with their customers


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