3% increase in active customer base for a leading apparel brand

Learn how omuni helped a fashion brand increase its customer base within just 3 months.

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The overview
The brand is one of India’s leading ethnic wear brands that offer designer apparel to elegant fashion wear. The brand currently operates  150+ exclusive outlets across the country.

The challenge
With only 21% active customer base, the brand was looking to win back lapsed customers and add to its active base. Despite running campaigns, there was no significant ROI as the responsiveness of the lapsed customers was very low w.r.t the offers pushed through different channels.

Our approach
Our team strategically devised a solution to send across personalized communications that consisted of SMSes and emails. We analyzed the data from offline transactions, NPS feedback and SMS/email response for various offers and communications. 

With omuni.ai, our cross-channel advanced intelligent capabilities, we were able to identify the latency of a customer's interaction and the average time it takes for customers to return and buy a product again. By optimizing this customer journey through multiple channels for three months, we were able to drive an uplift of active customers from 21% to 24%.

Feature highlights

The following crucial features enabled the successful completion of the entire process:

Advanced analytics

Omuni’s advanced analytics feature provided a platform to measure the responsiveness of the lapsed customers to the communicated offers.

Hyper-personalized offers

With the help of our hyper-personalization capabilities, we were able to send across the right communications at the right time and bag a higher response rate from recent lapsers.

Uplift active customers from 21% to 24%. 

Identified: Data for lapsed customers and the latency period
Developed: A robust omnichannel strategy to win back lapsed customers 
Integrated: Omuni.ai
Enabled: To increase active customer base in just three months


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