How omnichannel personalization increased incremental sales by 10X

A leading women's fashion wear unveils how omuni maximized their incremental sales tenfold.

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The overview 
With a 600+ retail footprint, this leading women's fashion wear destination not just markets and manufactures, but designs an extensive portfolio of women-only branded apparel across India.

The challenges 
The establishment cited ‘data complexity’ as their biggest challenge because they found it difficult to cut through the noise and turn complex data into valuable insights.

To overcome this challenge, the company needed a state-of-the-art approach that could help them segment their customers effectively, in addition to aligning their data with campaigns so as to engage them with personalized offers.

Our approach
Our data scientists at enabled cross-channel analytics that provided the company with unified data over various channels, categories, and locations. Together, we were then able to identify customer engagement activities that helped in measuring their responsiveness, and associated repeat tendencies.

Feature highlights

The following crucial features helped in improving incremental sales tenfold.

Advanced analytics

Omuni's advanced analytics provided a platform that measures the responsiveness of their customers’ past purchases and thereby enabling hyper-personalized offers.

Hyper-personalized offers

With omuni's personalization capabilities, the outlet was able to leverage insightful data across all customer channels to create tailored offers based on individual consumer preferences.

Customer insights across channels

Cross-channel data analysis helped measure a customer’s activity and behaviors such as past shopping patterns, purchase behavior, buying history, social interaction, and more.

By delivering hyper-personalized offers, the overall incremental sales were increased from 0.49% to 13.95% for one brand and from 0.29% to 5.82% for another brand.

Identified: Fragmented customer data.
Developed: A omnichannel strategy to engage audiences with dynamic content assets.
Enabled: Hyper-personalized campaigns. 

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