How data improved operational efficiency

Discover how a retail outlet utilized omuni’s business intelligence to improve operations.

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The overview 
This retail outlet is a leading fashion destination for men, women, and kids. They started their journey five years ago and quickly picked up the pace as fast-growing leading apparel brands. It has now expanded to more than 50 stores pan India.

The challenges 
The retail chain was facing challenges in handling their inventory merchandising and warehousing across multiple channels. Several interaction points between the customers and the retail chain caused a substantial increase in the complexity of data generated. 

The expectation was to turn this massive volume of data into actionable insights that will enable better decision-making, a deeper understanding of the market, and for the salesperson to address a customer’s needs proactively. A strategic approach was needed to solve these challenges.

Our approach

With, our advanced business intelligence system, we were able to find hidden patterns that lead to breakthrough insights on customer behavior, staffing, inventory, product mixes, and more. This further influenced the strategic, tactical, and operational decisions of a business. 

Combining our business intelligence and omnichannel operational capabilities together meant that the retail outlet could make unbiased decisions to address the prevailing business challenges and enable new initiatives. With access to data, the retail outlet can now perform intelligent analysis into various critical operational processes. The new process helps the outlet reduce costs, develop sales forecasts, offer trendsetting products, and increase revenues all while delivering exceptional customer experience.

Feature highlights

The following features enabled the successful completion of the project.

Consumer insights across platforms

Using advanced data analytics capabilities, the outlet was able to gain valuable insights into their old and existing customer data.

Enhanced operational efficiencies

From a staffing standpoint, business intelligence helped to staff retail locations to match the ebb and flow of traffic in the store. The data-driven approach now ensures the best returns on in-store marketing activities.

Improvement in overall operational efficiency

Identified: Streams of complex data about customer behavior.
Developed: An omnichannel business intelligence strategy.
Enabled: Data-driven decision-making module. 

What is our thought process?

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