NNNOW.com increased its CTR with omuni’s advanced intelligence

Learn how NNNOW.com collaborated with omuni to increase its click-through rate.

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The overview 
NNNOW.com is the digital destination of Arvind Lifestyle Brand Limited. It is the official online platform for International brands like GAP, U.S. Polo Assn., Sephora, Aeropostale, Ed Hardy, Arrow, GANT and leading Indian brands including Flying Machine, True Blue, and Unlimited, amongst many others.

The challenges
While the conversion rate may calculate how much a brand is spending on cost per lead and how much they’re earning in ROI, their click-through rate is what actually tests if the campaigns are performing well. NNNOW.com sought a scalable, flexible solution that could analyze the complex system of Google Analytics (GA). NNNOW.com needed a way to quickly analyze the GA data, perform audits, and improve the click-through rate on their home page.

Our approach
We analyzed that the brand’s home page banner had a low click-rate since the site only had a  static image in the banner. We devised a strategy and requested the brand to implement scrollable images of various product segments.

As a result, we noticed that a few sets of banners recorded high clicks. Hence, we suggested that the brand keep most of the best selling products and new arrivals on the homepage to attract more clicks.

Feature highlights

The following crucial features helped successfully increase the click-through rate for the home page of NNNOW.com:

Advanced analytics

Leveraging omuni’s advanced analytics, we were able to analyze valuable insights for NNNOW and helped them elevate their click-through rates on their home page.

Synced content journeys

With our creative and synced content journeys, NNNOW.com was able to provide a better-personalized experience by implementing scrollable images on the home page.

By implementing scrollable images of various segments of products, we were able to invite more click-through rates. 

Identified: The site consisted of a  static image in the banner which contributed to lower click-throughs
Developed: A strategy to engage audiences with dynamic content assets
Integrated: Omuni.ai
Enabled: NNNOW.com to get higher click-through rates

What is our thought process?

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