How NNNOW’s in-store pickup initiative reduced logistics cost

Learn how collaborated with omuni to increase store pickup orders and reduce logistic cost

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The overview is an official online platform that showcases the largest width of merchandise for International brands like GAP, U.S. Polo Assn., Sephora, Aeropostale, Ed Hardy, Arrow, GANT and famous Indian brands like Flying Machine, True Blue, Unlimited, amongst many others.

The challenge
The eCommerce platform received plenty of online orders and subsequently faced a  significant challenge of fulfilling orders at a high logistics cost. This was due to the failure of delivery orders and high Return To Origin (RTO) cases.

The digital store was under pressure to offer more choices when it comes to the fulfillment of orders such as a pickup in the store. They needed greater innovations and technology advances while remaining budget-conscious.

Our approach
By integrating we were able to facilitate the store pickup feature for the platform. This allowed NNNOW comusers to order online and collect the order from the nearest store. 

Our analysis concluded that store pickup was more cost-effective than home delivery as it saved cost on fuel, vehicle maintenance and drivers’ time. Also, it offered customers a wider range of pickup locations without having to invest in additional brick and mortar sites. 

Further, with the integration of demand and supply technology, the customer experience was enhanced. 5% of customers who have used an in-store pickup option ended up purchasing more products at the time of collecting their orders from the store. The platform’s RTO was reduced—no chances of RTO for in-store pick-up orders. 

From a customer’s view, click & collect eliminates the risk of missed deliveries. Our analysis also found that consumers like the added convenience that click & collect offered —they no longer had to wait at home for the delivery.

Feature highlights

The following features enabled the successful completion of the project

Order fulfillment enabled to process the fulfillment of orders in a simple and hassle-free manner. It helped the store to directly manage, control and fulfill orders received from the website.

Click and collect

This feature made it easy for customers to place an order online and collect it from the store. It also empowers the platform to have accurate store inventory visibility, thereby easing the order fulfillment process.

The in-store pickup initiative decreased the logistics cost of

Identified: Lack of choices for processing order fulfillment
Developed: An omnichannel data strategy powered by advanced analytics
Integrated: + omnification of website
Enabled: Store pickup feature


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