Omnichannel drives 9% incremental sales for The Arvind Store in 45 days

Learn how omuni teamed up with The Arvind Store to maximize its incremental sales.

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The overview

The Arvind Store is a first of its kind for the fabric retail channel. The Arvind Store aims to create an enriching shopping experience through the convergence of Arvind’s strongest competencies under one roof. The store not only has the entire range of Arvind’s shirting & suiting fabrics but also offers premium products for the discerning customer. 

The challenge 

In an anywhere, anytime retail ecosystem, retailers are flooded in customer data. They find it difficult to cut through the noise and turn complex data into valuable insights. 

How do I drive incremental sales? Am I engaging with the right customer? Who are my customers? How do I best engage them? The Arvind Store (TAS) was looking to drive effective omnichannel campaigns to maximize their loyalty program. This means aligning customer data with their campaigns. That’s where TAS needed help. 

Our approach

Today, harnessing the power of data is essential to understand customer preferences and deliver highly personalized promotions, offers, and campaigns. The repository of critical data is worthless if retailers don’t possess the capabilities to translate it into valuable insights., our AI-driven advanced omnichannel analytics provided TAS with unified data across all channels, categories, locations, and segmentations. We identified key data sets that can be effectively optimized to improve campaign performance. We compiled them into a comprehensive cluster that provides a complete view of customer data—both the past and present. The team successfully cleansed all the unstructured data captured through the loyalty program of TAS.  It created huge data lakes that could host tons of customer insights. 

With the help of these insights, TAS was able to target the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Feature highlights

The following crucial features enabled the successful completion of the entire process:

Advanced analytics

Omuni’s advanced analytics feature provided TAS with a unified view of data which helped them to optimize their customer journeys.

Personalized experiences analyzes data at scale such as customer’s past purchase behavior, buying history, shopping patterns, social interaction, etc. This has helped TAS to deliver highly personalized promotions, offers, and campaigns to its customers.

Leveraging the power of advanced analytics with, TAS saw a 9% steeping rise in its incremental sales.

Identified: Fragmented customer data
Developed: A robust omnichannel data strategy
Enabled: TAS to deliver hyper-personalized campaigns

What is our thought process?

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