A playbook on Automated Restaurant Commerce

Learn how omnichannel can rebuild restaurants in the new normal.

As per a McKinsey report, take-outs and home delivery in India saw a 2% to 4% increase between the during-COVID19 and after-COVID19 behavior.

With a drastic reduction in consumer dining at sit-down restaurants, the shift to a stay-at-home has eliminated a large portion of the crowd at both traditional and quick-service restaurants. This has created immense pressure on restaurateurs to adapt to the new social distancing norms and run the business in a most cost-effective way, all while adhering to the COVID-19 related safety measures.

To do so, it’s imperative to adopt omnichannel strategies that unlock new opportunities to get your business back on track, and possibly improve customer experience. This guide dives deeper into omuni’s best practices in automating restaurant commerce. It discusses the key challenges faced by restaurateurs in the new normal and highlights how to implement robust omnichannel strategies to control end-to-end customer engagements and remove dependency from third-party delivery apps, thereby re-owning your customer in the new normal world.

What you’ll learn:

  • Exclusive insights into the current and future state of restaurants
  • Closed-loop omnichannel marketing ecosystems
  • The convergence of data from digital and offline channels
  • Customer identity and access management
  • Challenges in conventional approach and how to overcome them
  • How to avoid  25-30% commission fees paid to third-party delivery apps

Download our best practices guide to learn how omuni can transform the way restaurateurs re-engage their customers online-offline.

Transform your restaurant's experience with the power of omnichannel

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