Submitted by Omuni on Tue, 04/27/2021 - 19:08


Role : SDE II Backend

Relevant Experience: 3-7 years

Urgency: Immediate 



Roles & Responsibilities 

  • You will be building distributed, fault-tolerant, highly scalable distributed systems.
  • Rapidly prototype and incubate new features and solutions.
  • Develop solutions to scale the real-time processing of massive amounts of data.
  • Work closely with other development teams to build and prototype solutions cutting across multiple verticals.
  • Maintain and improve code base on continuous basis


Ideal candidate 

  • 3+ years of experience creating highly scalable, high performance distributed applications
  • Experience working in agile team/ processes.
  • Apply best coding practices , code reviews, source control management, build processes and unit testing
  • Experience building complex software systems that have been successfully delivered to customers.
  • Experience with scalable, API based agent or service oriented software architecture
  • Must be able to write high quality, fault-tolerant and optimized code in Java.
  • Excellent understanding of Algorithms, wise usage of Data Structures, complexity analysis
  • Ability to collaborate; be able to communicate clearly and concisely
  • Desire for continuous improvement, always be learning and seeking improvement.
  • In-depth understanding of collections, Multithreading, JVM Memory model, Optimizations and fine tuning of JVM
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills especially in a distributed and microservice based environment.
  • Experience in distributed systems components - databases, caches, distributed, debugging and tracing, deployment.