Harness the power of diagnostics, descriptive and predictive analytics

The repository of critical data is worthless if retailers don’t possess the capabilities to translate it into valuable insights. This paves the way for decision-makers to employ diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analysis to make sure that data is being used efficiently. 

Omuni has vast experience in building huge data lakes that host tons of consumer insights. These can diagnose the actual problem statement, describe why and how to resolve, and unlock the predictive nature of your customer’s next set of actions.

How omuni creates value by leveraging advanced intelligence:

  • Deliver highly personalized promotions, offers, and campaigns
  • Analyze shoppers via omnichannel engagement and social media sentiment
  • Create next-gen recommendation engines for dynamic product offerings
  • Establish dynamic pricing and optimization
  • Optimize merchandising via real-time analysis of demand and stock
  • Enhance supply and demand forecasting
  • Asses pricing, promos, discounts and basket analysis
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Feature highlights

Turn huge volumes of unstructured data into valuable insights

Advanced analytics

Omuni’s advanced analytics provides you with valuable insights into the past and helps guide your business forward for the future.

Dynamic pricing

Omuni leverages existing customer behavioral data such as past purchase history or browsing patterns to create dynamic pricing modules that are hyper-personalized across digital touchpoints.

Personalized customer experiences

Omuni.ai analyzes data at scale, such as in-store behavior, geographies, social interaction, etc to provide hyper-personalized digital experiences at scale.

Smarter supply chain

Naturally discover answers to complex business questions and discover the what, why and when of decision making by analyzing large volumes of unstructured data into advanced analytics.

What makes omuni really awesome?

Arvind lineage

Products from retail practitioners who understand retail, both technological and operational


Omuni integrates with existing ERP I POS I WMS I IMS I 3P marketplaces

Success fee model

Pay as you go and pay as you succeed, no hardware cost involved

Tried & tested

Powers omnichannel retail experiences for 50+ global brands across 5000+ stores

Faster time to market

Go live in less than five weeks

Retail enablement

Empowers process transformation, on-ground support, change management and workforce training


Powers online & offline through endless aisle, save-the-sale, click & collect, scan & shop etc.


Delivers customer journey’s in the cloud at one go with omnified analytics, loyalty, store-site etc.

What sets us apart?

Here's why omuni is a preferred partner of choice for global brands


Stores powered


Billion GMV of orders


Global brands


Like to like growth

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