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Retailers are constantly facing challenges to drive sales, increase revenue and retain customers. The harsh reality that we as retailers need to face is that there are several different interaction points for consumers to interact with their favorite brands. This causes a substantial increase in the complexity and diversity of data you may have to accumulate and analyze.  A strategic approach is needed to tackle such challenges with deeper, data-driven insights. 
Omuni sees retail analytics as the game changer for a wide range of strategic business goals—from generating new revenue streams to creating a unified view of demand, supply and data. Our retail analytics creates value by providing: 

  • Customer insights across channels
  • Brand affinity & loyalty analytics
  • Retail merchandising analytics
  • Inventory optimization
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Feature highlights

Harness the power of data to maximise customer lifetime value

Customer insights across channels

With our advanced retail analytics capabilities, we provide you with valuable insights into the past and help guide your business forward to the future.

Brand affinity & loyalty analytics

Our omnichannel strategy is carefully crafted from the analytics gathered from your customers. You can access brand affinity and loyalty analytics to further refine your engagement with your customers.

Retail merchandising analytics

Optimize merchandising by planning the business for higher profitability, knowing what stores have similar product preferences, creating customer-centric assortments and knowing the right pricing strategy for each product life cycle.

Inventory optimization

With real time and unified view of inventory coupled with customer insights, you can optimize your inventory and store area.

What makes omuni really awesome?

Arvind lineage

Products from retail practitioners who understand retail, both technological and operational


Omuni integrates with existing ERP I POS I WMS I IMS I 3P marketplaces

Success fee model

Pay as you go and pay as you succeed, no hardware cost involved

Tried & tested

Powers omnichannel retail experiences for 50+ global brands across 5000+ stores

Faster time to market

Go live in less than five weeks

Retail enablement

Empowers process transformation, on-ground support, change management and workforce training


Powers online & offline through endless aisle, save-the-sale, click & collect, scan & shop etc.


Delivers customer journey’s in the cloud at one go with omnified analytics, loyalty, store-site etc.

What sets us apart?

Here's why omuni is a preferred partner of choice for global brands


Stores powered


Billion GMV of orders


Global brands


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