Grow your customer’s loyalty with an omnichannel customer loyalty platform.

A recent survey from Gartner shows that brands risk losing 38% of customers because of poor marketing, loyalty and personalization efforts. If retailers are not able to integrate between online and in-store loyalty experiences, they will surely leave their customers disappointed. Most shoppers today believe that they do not receive enough targeted discounts and offers from their favourite brands once they complete a purchase. enables you to manage your loyalty programs that are specific to a group of customers or are common across the chain of stores and channels. You can engage customers by utilizing the power of diagnostic, descriptive and predictive analysis. This provides the 360-degree view of customers, their past purchase behaviour and buying pattern, which is then used to deliver hyper-personalized offers, and loyalty programs.

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Feature highlights

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences to own your customers

Mobile + email based registration engine

Automatically add customer details at checkout to your loyalty program, along with their points from their first purchase.

POS integration

Collect data for your loyalty program seamlessly and provide your best consumers with a sophisticated experience by directly integrating your POS to capture customer profile and purchase history.

Tier upgrade and downgrade

Ease redemption and automate expiry, upgrade or downgrade by creating customized, tier-based loyalty programs with the power of

What makes omuni really awesome ?

Arvind lineage

Products from retail practitioners who understand retail, both technological and operational


Omuni integrates with existing ERP I POS I WMS I IMS I 3P marketplaces

Success fee model

Pay as you go and pay as you succeed, no hardware cost involved

Tried & tested

Powers omnichannel retail experiences for 50+ global brands across 5000+ stores

Faster time to market

Go live in less than five weeks

Retail enablement

Empowers process transformation, on-ground support, change management and workforce training


Powers online & offline through endless aisle, save-the-sale, click & collect, scan & shop etc.


Delivers customer journey’s in the cloud at one go with omnified analytics, loyalty, store-site etc.

What sets us apart?

Here's why omuni is a preferred partner of choice for global brands


Stores powered


Billion GMV of orders


Global brands


Like to like growth

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