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Today, connecting retail stores to the online value chain is the piece of the puzzle that impacts aggregation of supply, clienteling, and communication across stores/ warehouse networks. More than 82% of smartphone users say that they browse their phones on potential purchases while they are browsing in-store simultaneously. You need to connect the online and offline world into one platform to power seamless experience to your customers.

Being a unified platform provides complete real-time inventory visibility across stores/warehouse networks and facilitates in-store ordering for out of stock products. It defragments your inventory into one unified system and gives you the power to fulfill an order, track handovers, and process returns/reverse, all from one single platform. shows a digital catalog, similar products and what's new at your store. The platform is integrated with the leading payment gateways, hence allowing your customers to self-checkout and make payments in a quick and easy manner.

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Feature highlights

Give more power to your clienteling with


With our save the sale feature, customers can now get pooled inventory visibility across store & warehouse network with tablet/digital-enabled assisted selling interface. Customers can simply “shop this store” or “shop all the stores”.

Endless aisle

Omuni allows store executives to provide their customers with the virtual experience of browsing through the “out-of-stock” products. Your brand can offer the complete range of products to its customers without the need to stocking up their inventory.


Native app empowers your sales staff to acquire new customers through assisted selling (cross-sell/up-sell), fulfillment, customer service, personalization, CRM etc.

Scan and shop

With, you can drive customers from physical to digital in less than a second. Simply scan the barcode/tag of the product and let your customers get similar product recommendations across your unified pooled inventory.


Bring your products to life by showcasing your omnichannel product catalog. Digital lookbook helps your customers to discover the latest trendy designs and what's new every time they walk into the store.

Check-out allows your customers to checkout easily and make payments directly through the omuni platform. All you need to do is scan the product tag, let your customers self-check out and done!

Google local search inventory

Showcase “what’s in store” and let your customers access local inventory through Google search. With the help of local inventory search, your customers can discover inventory and shop a store every time they make a Google search of your favorite products

What makes omuni really awesome?

Arvind lineage

Products from retail practitioners who understand retail, both technological and operational


Omuni integrates with existing ERP I POS I WMS I IMS I 3P marketplaces

Success fee model

Pay as you go and pay as you succeed, no hardware cost involved

Tried & tested

Powers omnichannel retail experiences for 50+ global brands across 5000+ stores

Faster time to market

Go live in less than five weeks

Retail enablement

Empowers process transformation, on-ground support, change management and workforce training


Powers online & offline through endless aisle, save-the-sale, click & collect, scan & shop etc.


Delivers customer journey’s in the cloud at one go with omnified analytics, loyalty, store-site etc.

What sets us apart?

Here's why omuni is a preferred partner of choice for global brands


Stores powered


Billion GMV of orders


Global brands


Like to like growth

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