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Learn how Bata partnered with omuni to unify its demand and supply.

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The overview
Founded in 1894, Bata is the world’s leading shoemaker by volume, designing stylish and comfortable footwear at surprisingly affordable prices. Bata is a family-owned business serving more than 1 million consumers a day in 5,300 stores and producing locally in 23 Bata-owned manufacturing facilities across five continents. Bata India operates a large network of 1375 retail stores across India.

The challenge
As shopping becomes increasingly digital, Bata wanted to augment its website conversions and improve sales across the store network. Due to the heavy increase in loss of sales, Bata realized the importance of unifying inventory across stores, site and warehouse network.  Bata needed a new omnichannel customer experience strategy that would engage shoppers both online and in-store. The company sought omuni’s deep expertise in omnichannel retail enablement to execute and implement the strategy. 

Our approach
Today, connecting retail stores to the online value chain is the piece of the puzzle that impacts aggregation of supply, clienteling and assisted selling across stores/warehouse networks. The need to connect the online and offline world into one single platform is extremely crucial to power seamless experiences to your customers. 

Being a unified platform provided complete real-time inventory visibility across Bata’s stores/WH network that in turn facilitated In-store ordering for out of stock products. Omuni unified Bata’s fragmented inventory into one unified system and gave it the power to place the orders, fulfill the orders, track handovers, and process returns/reverse, all from one single platform. 

Feature highlights

Today, enables Bata to manage almost every phase of the shopping experience, from product discovery to fulfillment, directly from one single platform to improve the shopping experience. The overall engagement involved these crucial features.

Retail team training

We at omuni create an actionable, step-by-step approach for end-to-end omnichannel retail enablement. Omuni empowers Bata’s store staff with regular training, change management, and implementation strategies.

Fulfillment, powered with a unique tech feature enables Bata to process fulfillment of orders in a simple and hassle-free manner. It helps Bata stores to directly manage, control and fulfills orders received from the website or other stores easily.

Logistics coordination provided Bata with complete logistics engagement by coordinating the entire retail hierarchy of Bata with our logistics counterpart, thereby augmenting their business growth.

Inbound-outbound support

With our omnichannel CRM, it is possible to get real-time operational insights across channels. Omuni’s inbound-outbound support has enabled Bata to provide proactive call center services to its customers and stores.

Since implementing our omnichannel solution,, the Bata website has seen an overall increase in revenue by 4 to 5 times. Today, 85% fulfilment of the total website revenue is powered by Bata stores with the help of 

Identified: Fragmented inventory across sites, stores, and warehouse networks
Developed: An omnichannel strategy to create a unified view of demand and supply 
Integrated: + omnification of website
Enabled: 1. Bata customers to access a single view of inventory across all Bata stores 
                2. Powering stores+warehouse inventory to Bata website, and fulfilling website orders from stores as well as warehouses.

What is our thought process?

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