Power your omnichannel journeys with cloud-based architecture

eCommerce is no longer just a good-to-have project. Instead, the path to success is a “unified commerce strategy” that spans across every touchpoint and geography, both digital and physical. To maximize the business opportunity and stay ahead of the competition, retailers need to understand the true potential of an omnichannel approach: sell more by connecting offline-online worlds.

Omuni.cloud helps retailers sell more effectively by connecting your store inventory to the website to create an integrated ecosystem to power omnichannel journeys; helping brand websites differentiate themselves and stay relevant.

Hassle-free omnified website with modern
cloud-based infrastructure

End to End

Increase assortment

  • Real-time inventory view/ unified inventory view
  • Connect all nodes of your network that have inventory to the website and increase your assortment on the website
End to End

Omnichannel journeys

  • Click & Collect (BOPIS)
  • Ship from Store (BOSS)
  • Return in Store (BORIS)
  • Hyperlocal, same-day, next-day delivery
End to End

Unified customer experience

  • Standard brand experience across all your retail channels
  • Same support team/stores even for brand website orders
  • Track/return offline orders on the brand website
End to End

Lightening speed delivery

  • Delight your customers by delivering them faster
  • Order gets assigned to the customer’s nearest store using our smart sourcing logic
  • Enable order delivery by store staff within the store catchment area (a few km radii)
  • Serviceability by individual product items rather than at cart level

Our thought process

“Delivering beautiful omnichannel customer experiences and retailing success depends upon whether or not retailers are adopting and getting the API and cloud right. This is the key to power and speeds up omnichannel experiences at scale.”

Mukul Bafana 
CEO, Omuni (Arvind Internet)

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